Kids in this era seem to pick up the concept of online learning pretty fast, especially those who were born with a silver “iPad” in their mouths.

Learning by video & multimedia seems to comes naturally to them.

However, not all educational institutions are designed to impart that style of education.

Firstly, their teaching apparatus isn’t online-enabled. Secondly, many teachers aren’t trained for online teaching and need time to adapt to that paradigm, especially in Pakistan.

But I’m impressed by schools that gracefully made the transition & we at want to support those who are struggling and still want to go online and support e learning.

Many schools have resorted to google class room & zoom meetings. Also many are using google hangouts, however this has not received positive response from many students and parents so far because these online classes are not supported by online course materials and video recording which can be played later & on demand. This is where a tool like can be very handy with online assignment module.

Online fee voucher generation is key feature all schools need for This COVID lock down, interest with parents often by sending notifications via and help them pay fees in time.

Hats off to the management and the teaching staff for reacting quickly and ensuring “educational” continuity.

The only downside is that it means a lot more workload is placed on the parents during their work from home job arrangements.

But I guess “no pain, no gain”, right?